Linux Kernel Teaching

This is a collection of lectures and labs Linux kernel topics. The lectures focus on theoretical and Linux kernel exploration.

The labs focus on device drivers topics and they resemble "howto" style documentation. Each topic has two parts:

  • a walk-through the topic which contains an overview, the main abstractions, simple examples and pointers to APIs
  • a hands-on part which contains a few exercises that should be resolved by the student; to focus on the topic at hand, the student is presented with a starting coding skeleton and with in-depth tips on how to solve the exercises

This content is based on the Operatings Systems 2 course from the Computer Science and Engineering Department, the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest.

You can get the latest version at

To get started build the documentation from the sources after installing docker-compose on you host:

cd tools/labs && make docker-docs

then point your browser at Documentation/output/labs/index.html.

Alternatively, you can build directly on the host (see tools/labs/docs/Dockerfile for dependencies):

cd tools/labs && make docs